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Surgery Dental Stelladent

Dentist in Agrigento



Surgery Dental Stelladent

Dentist in Agrigento

Professionalism and human relationship

In the Clinic dental stelladent you will find a team of dentists dentists are highly qualified and specialized. At the headquarters of the Square Spring n°8 Agrigento, you offer services of mobile and fixed prostheses,orthodontics,

implantology osteointegrata,conservative dentistry,endodontics,teeth whitening,oral surgery

hygiene and prophylaxis, and there is a solution valid and effective for all problems, surgical and aesthetic of the oral cavity.


Agrigento Spring Square n° 8

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Surgery Dental Stelladent,

The goal of the Surgery Dental Stelladent,

has done in the last few years of managerial choices based mainly on the analysis of the market, target audience and end customers. Here, it is introduced a new concept of . Not “ low cost at all costs”at the expense of quality. adheres to a key concept in the current market that requires a correct balance between costs and revenues,without having alienated the quality of the materials used or the professionalism of the doctors involved.

it is to be at the centre of the business, the needs of the patient,his state of health,with the human attention, and the professional competence needed to meet the need of diagnosis and treatment of each. In this regard, the Clinic supports a social aimed at a proper balance between costs and revenues, without sacrificing the high quality of performance.

Low Cost

Low Cost






impianto dentale

carious teeth

dente conservatia



L' orthodontics



The orthodontics is the technique to correct a dental occlusion wrong. Eating incorrectly can be the cause, in addition to problems, but also of bad posture. And’ possible to intervene at any age and that is both in children and in adults.

Conservative dentistry is a branch of restorative dentistry that deals with the care of the carious teeth, of the procedures for the removal of caries and those relating to the closure of the cavity resulting from the elimination of the enamel and dentin cariata, through the use of appropriate materials.

The implantology is the branch of dentistry that deals with replacement of missing teeth through the use of media in the titanium implants, inserted in the gum. With titanium implants, you can replace a stable and permanent single-tooth or the entire dental arch.

Hygiene and prophylaxis


Mobile and fixed prostheses

protesi fissa e mobile
igiene e profilassi




dental prostheses



dental occlusion



placca e tartaro

Prevents tooth decay :

Is meant by hygiene and prophylaxis all those maneuvers that have as their purpose the removal of the factors that can determine gingival inflammation and caries.These factors are represented primarily by plaque and tartar.

Dental prostheses have the task to rehabilitate the functions of the oral of the patients affected by edentulous (lack of teeth), partial or total,by means of the replacement of natural teeth with dental elements artificial.You can distinguele different types of dental prostheses FIXED AND MOBILE.

It is the branch of Dentistry that deals with the care and maintenance of the gums and supporting structures of the tooth. The supporting structures of the tooth are the Bone, where they are stuck to the roots, the Gum that covers the bone and the Ligament that connects the tooth root to the bone. These three structures define the periodontium.

Oral surgery


chirurgia orale

dental extractions

Oral Surgery


The Oral Surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatments of diseases, injuries and defects involving the functional and aesthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, gums, and jaw bones. Includes three different therapies: dental extractions, extractions of fragments from root-canal, removal of cysts of mucous membranes and endossee, placement of dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth included etc

Endodontics is the branch of Dentistry that deals with diseases of the pulp (the so-called “nerve”) of the teeth and of the effects that these diseases can cause the bone tissue adjacent to the root of the affected tooth .

Whitening LED professional

sbiancamento stelladent

The methods of professional whitening performed by dentists in the dental office dental stelladent use the gel with concentrations of hydrogen peroxide of up to 38%,which, being highly unstable decomposes into water and oxygen in a very short time. The gel: can be placed on the teeth by the dentist and left to react for about 45 minutes, bleaching in the chair without activating the light (dentist-supervised bleaching),or it can be positioned on the teeth by the dentist and exposed to a light source (halogen lamp,lamp, plasma,laser) so that it will be even more accelerated (not enhanced!) the reaction. According to the light source and the type of discoloration the gel is applied 1 to 3 times, and subjected to the light source for a time ranging from 1 to 15 minutes for application, teeth whitening chair with activation (dentist-administered bleaching or power bleaching). In both the methods is applied a rubber shield around the teeth for non-contact of the gel with the gums.

How do you perform a professional cleaning

Main purpose of professional cleaning is to remove the subgingival calculus, not visible and not reachable by the toothbrush. You use tools to ultrasonic and hand instruments. Tools ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with special tips that allow you to reach the tartar sottogengiva. The tip performs a vibratory movement that is able to gently remove the tartar. Even the hand tools have tips special, only that does not vibrate. After the removal of plaque and tartar, surface stains of the teeth are removed by means of a rubber and a pasta, which, turning at a high speed, has a action stain remover. They are naturally removed by the dentist only the spots of the external to the internal stains you need to use a whitening procedure. The professional oral hygiene session. it also includes a customized program of education and motivation of the patient to the oral hygiene.

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dental agrigento


placca e tartaro

capsule in



L' implantologia

dentist agrigento


mobile and fixed prostheses, orthodontics,

dental clinic corbo

professional cleaning


dentist agrigento

dentists agrigento

Surgery dental stelladent


professional whitening

implantology, conservative dentistry, endodontics, teeth whitening, oral surgery,

hygiene and prophylaxis

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